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Pokemon Unleashed! The full series of comics based on that hit Pokemon game we've come to know... Pokemon Emerald! It has the same people, same plots (and twists), and it includes the Battle Frontier! Little of the concepts are from da' brotha site of this one, Adventures in Hoenn, but other than that all the jokes are originally mine... I think... And, we have revamped people in it too! Like GSC!

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Good news/Bad news

Aug 08 2006 09:51 am

Ok, first... I'm getting my internet shut off. *sigh* But the good news is that when school starts back (3 weeks!) I'll do comics at school and be able to upload them to SJ. And more good news. NOT THROUGH A PROXY SERVER!!1! :D Anyways, I'll get the latest comic done, slap it into a floppy disk, go to the public library, and upload it. But at school, I'll be able to do more! Heh heh heh, you just wait and see yall! Oh, still haven't thought of a name for that guy or the team he's in. You'll have to wait a while to see that comic!

Peace, and the last slice of Pizza!
~Comicmanx, telling it how it is...

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